Friday, April 15, 2011

Where I Sell the Clothes Off My Back.

I own a lot of stuff.

I have said this before, but it bears repeating. I have always had a lot of clothes: I wasn’t all that old when my mom had to resign my closet to have two levels. In addition to my chest of drawers and 8-drawer vanity. That solid, Amish-made drawers and vanity is still in use. I have a 6-foot long 2-level closet in my bedroom. I also have a closet of equal size that holds all my dresses, a hall closet that holds my current season coats, and a basement that houses my out-of-season coats, dresses and furs.

Recently I’ve started to feel a bit buried by all this stuff. Last autumn when I purchased a leather coat from the thrift store for less than $5, I commented that whoever got rid of it probably did so in lieu of getting it cleaned (which it needed). I never wanted to be that person, who didn’t want to bother with maintenance; I align myself with the “make do and mend” philosophy. But I started getting to the point where I felt like my crap owned me

Two specific events added up to one turning point. Recently I was pulling all my spring and summer dresses out of the basement and taking them up to the second floor closet. It took 3 trips. THREE. Yesterday I was putting away all my hats. Well, “putting away” might not be the best term. 

 It’s just picture hanging wire and mini clothespins. Takes up less space than a hat rack.

So I was looking for extra pins as I’ve acquired some additional hats and looking in all my vintage hat boxes. I purchased one box at an estate store a month or so ago and inside was a hat I’ve never seen before. Not only do I own things I’ve not yet worn or will never fit into, I own things I don’t even know I own. It feels excessive.

So came the idea to sell the clothes off my back. I’ve recently restarted my eBay empire to get rid of the last few things I don’t need or want any longer and I have an etsy account I’ve not really done anything with. I think things sell better on etsy the more you have in your store, as it just increases your exposure. Why not list every single piece of vintage clothing I own? Everything will be listed for a fair price with the crap I really want to unload at a deep discount.  eBay is changing their fees so that there will be no cost to list: why not do it with my entire wardrobe?

This is a massive undertaking, so it may happen in stages. I am surprised at how little the idea frightens me. And, well, relieved. I think Hoarders has caused paranoia in everyone: none of us wants to be THOSE people. I don’t want to be paralyzed with fear at the idea of getting rid of anything. But really: I shop all the damn time. I have so many new things coming in that my closet should have a revolving door.

In the end, what matters is that the things I love go to someone who will love them too. Just because I like something doesn’t mean I have to hoard it all.  If you would like to shop my collection, bookmark me!


  1. If you ever need any summer help...HOLLA.

  2. Oh, I will let you know! I'm quite serious about you coming down to stay a day or so and shop. I'm planning on doing posted reviews of stores and it would be nice to have company. :)