Monday, April 18, 2011

Where I Am Knee-Deep In Dresses.

Yesterday was beautiful: lots of sunlight. Perfect day for photographs! Inside. Of clothing. I had a few things that were already set aside for sale, and then I went about photographing my personal things. All of yesterday’s photos are still on the camera, so I don’t have a total count. Not including dresses that I will not list because they were gifts, I have 15 more vintage dresses to photograph. That’s not counting my vintage that is currently being altered or in the mending pile. Also doesn’t count any of my modern dresses. This is turning into quite the serious undertaking.

It has been quite pleasant though, going through my closet and becoming reacquainted with my clothing. I have an awful lot I’ve never even worn. Most because it’ll never fit, but some because I’ve just plain forgotten about it. There are quite a few I’ve only worn once or twice – it makes me feel like a proper socialite!

All photos will be stored in the following album if they are to be listed on eBay:
eBay Photos!

Photos of my personal collection will be housed here until they are listed:

Virtual Closet

There are separate albums for modern and vintage dresses because I'm OCD like that.

If you would like to be nosy and flip through my online closet, please feel free!

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