Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where I Channel A Canteen Girl.

This whole outfit just reminds me of this song:

You may remember this dress from last week’s haul at Salvation Army. It being a pre-vanity sizing 6 I was a little unsure, but I’m down enough water weight that I think it looks quite alright. So alright, in fact, I am awful tempted to keep it. At least I can have temporary custody until it finds a forever home. That’s really what I’m running after all: vintage clothing foster care.

Do I look deranged? I was trying not to.
You can purchase the dress here and go about gettin’ corns for your country yourself.

Dress and shoes are both thrifted. Shoes are Enzo Angiolini Eadanette and were a great find. I wear a size 6 ½ which doesn’t turn up that often at thrift stores. Every great pair of shoes is an 8. So if you wear an 8, let me know.  The large bangle bracelet was a gift from my mom, who found it at a church rummage sale. She encourages this behavior. I’m sad to admit the other bracelets and necklace are from Forever 21. That store is like a museum of examples of rampant consumerism and worker exploitation. But damn, do they have excellent accessories. See? I’m not perfect. Ukulele is from DaSilva (this is important information). Hair is second try at sleeping in pin curls. The secret was smaller pieces of hair and Lottabody

It is massive before it is brushed out.
That's better!


  1. Hi Jodi! I just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and for you comments! It's always fun to meet other bloggers from Columbus! I'll probably run into you at a thrift store some day!


  2. Thanks Lindsay! I hope I do run into you someday: you look to be about a size 4 and I don't have any friends your size. I like shopping for others as much as I like shopping for myself. Most times more, actually, because then I don't end up with more stuff in my house.

  3. That dress is very pretty.Love yur hair.