Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where I Hope To Sell More Than I Keep.

I have been doing well at limiting my shopping as of late. This week? Not so much. I had my standard half-off throw down on Wednesday at Salvation Army which resulted in a handbag, a chiffon scarf, a pair of VS panties (What? I washed them!) and NINE dresses. My total damage was only $27.09 which becomes more impressive when you know that $5 of that was an Anne Taintor handbag. That makes the average cost of each dress I purchased just over $2. Plus I hit up the Delaware Goodwill and bought a few things. The big problem is that I might be moving out of my house when my lease ends November 1st. I will have been living in that same house for seven years and the idea of picking up and moving all my shit is traumatic enough without having to move a bunch of other stuff that I just intend to sell. I'm hoping the stress of thinking about this will put a fire under my ass to get this stuff sold. I will have most of this listed on eBay or etsy by the end of the weekend... except the handbag.

I embrace my "bad girl" status
The following will be listed on eBay tomorrow:

Looks like Gidget! The Limited 5/6

Love that bright white & kelly green together

Love this Little Black Dress!

Three of the dresses I found still had the original tags from Lazarus! Those will go up on etsy.

This might go up on etsy, might go to a friend. It has pockets! It's vintage 60s. I love orange Hawaiian prints: they remind me of an Elvis movie.

And two dresses to feed my weird dress obsession. This one is homemade and has good bones. Something really good can happen with it, I just feel it! I found the belt at the Delaware Goodwill and it didn't occur to me until I got home that the square buckle coordinates perfectly.

This one - I can't explain. I love plaid, I love Peter Pan collars. I'm thinking of taking this one to full-on jailbait territory with a short hem and little cap sleeves.

In the same "get this shit outta my house" vein, I'm going to try and sell my sofa and chair too:

Not for sale but deserving a mention for being cute are my guinea pig Potato and his girlfriend Reno who belongs to my roommate. She was sticking her face through their cage to get at his food. It was darling. Guinea pigs are awesome.


  1. This looks great! Can you provide a link to your Ebay store? :)

  2. Of course!